Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) is a highly beneficial operation for women whose large breast size presents a significant problem to them, for example by restricting life style (e.g. exercise), or by causing related health problems such as back ache, neck pain, bra-strap grooving or skin irritation.

Many women in this position are highly self-conscious of their large breast size. The typical patient describes a combination of all of these concerns.

Breast reduction surgery removes skin, fat and glandular tissue principally from the lower part of the breast and in doing so reduces its size, tightens the breast, and elevates the position of the nipple areolae. If required the areolae can be reduced in size also. Surgery is designed to keep scars to a minimum, and Mr Miles Banwell particularly favours a vertical scar technique, avoiding a horizontal scar in the fold beneath the breast whenever possible. However, sometimes this horizontal scar is necessary in particularly large or pendulous breasts. A small amount of liposuction is often used to contour the area immediately outside the breast to give an optimal aesthetic result. Inevitably, the technique recommended will depend on patient variables, such as the size of the intended breast reduction, general body shape, and skin quality.

Breast reduction surgery is sometimes undertaken as a day case procedure, however Miles Banwell always ensures than on overnight stay is available for his patients if required. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and typically lasts between two and three hours. Patients wear a supportive sports-style bra for six weeks following surgery. They will usually return to office-style work within two weeks, and are free to commence upper body  related sports /exercise from 6 weeks.