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Liposuction is commonly requested and is a useful procedure for restoring definition and contour to specific zones which are often resistant to diet and exercise.

Hence, it is correctly viewed as targeted therapy and not as a substitute for general weight loss. As  a stand alone procedure liposuction is most useful in individuals with good skin quality, as successful outcomes depend on the overlying skin having sufficient recoil to conform to the reduced volume and new contour beneath.

Liposuction is often combined with skin excision procedures (abdominoplasty, thigh or arm lift), particularly when skin has previously been irreversibly stretched through weight gain or pregnancy (stretch marks).

Liposuction is often requested for areas such as hips, thighs , abdomen, flanks, ‘love handles’, arms and neck. It is usually performed under general anaesthetic, as a day case procedure. Patients typically return to work within a week of their procedure, however compression garments are worn for 4 weeks.