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Breast Augmentation

Many women are not happy with their breast size and chose to undergo a breast augmentation procedure to increase their breast volume, typically by two or more cup sizes. A mastopexy operation is sometimes undertaken at the same time in order to lift nipple position.

Women request breast augmentation surgery for varying reasons. Miles Banwell tailors the augmentation procedure specifically to each individual. For example, different approaches are required for the young woman who requests greater volume, compared to the mum who wishes to have both lost volume and shape restored. In a similar way, different body sizes, shapes and desired looks will each require important variations in approach. In summary, one size does not fit all.

The operation is performed under a short general anaesthetic, usually as a day case procedure, although Miles ensures that an overnight stay is always available if preferred.  Patients can generally expect to resume routine activity after one week, and more strenuous upper body activity after one month.